Promposal – Celebrating Good Times!

In 2001 the Dallas Morning News first coined the term ‘promposal’. So what is a promposal? It is the annual ritual when high school students ask someone to the formal spring dance (prom), often in a public or elaborate manner. There are good promposals, ones that are cute, funny, creative and makes the other person smile; and then there are not-so-good promposals. You know the ones. They are embarrassing, sometimes dangerous, and more shocking than cute.


If you know anyone who is thinking of asking someone to prom, here are a few do’s and don’t’s for a promposal.

1) Know your audience: If they are deathly allergic to nuts, leave out the cherry pie with the almond topping.
2) Make it personal (and fun): If the person is into ballet, then don’t be afraid to dawn a tutu.
3) Be thoughtful: Don’t be lame and just scribble it down on a used lunch bag. Think through the promposal. Thoughtfulness will often get you that ‘yes!’.
4) Be creative: No one wants to see reruns of a promposal. Find your own unique way of doing it. Using props and signs are always a good idea.
5) Use words carefully: Rhyming can add a nice touch or being punny too, but don’t overdo it. Simple and sweet is always the best default.
6) Record it: Do record it so you can both share it with your friends, but if he or she doesn’t want it shared, do the right thing and delete it right away…in front of them!

1) Don’t do anything dangerous: Alone in hospital bed on prom night is never fun.
2) Don’t do anything illegal: Dancing with a cellmate is not an ideal prom.
3) Don’t do anything too embarrassing: Make a friendship, don’t end one.
4) Nothing permanent: Tattooing should always be avoided.
5) Don’t go over the top: Be cute, not annoying.
6) Most importantly, don’t ever be discouraged if he or she says no…this is high school. It is fun, awkward, and often embarrassing. Nobody will even care or remember that you were turned down.

Here are some of the most viral promposals ever. Enjoy.

We have two boys so I hope when it is their turn to ask or be asked to a prom it is through a unique and fun way…maybe even with lawncards!

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