Cold Canadian Winters Equal Bigger Families

Walking around Halifax, it is hard not to notice all of the pregnant women out and about. Sure, they have the “can’t miss” beautiful silhouette of a person who is going to give the gift of life, but they also emit a wonderful glow which instinctually makes people smile. If we could only bottle that up! But alas, it is reserved for only those incredible people growing humans inside them.


So why are there so many pregnant women in the summer? It isn’t a coincidence. The winter months in Canada are cold and what a better way to warm up than…starting a family? According to several statistical studies most babies in Canada are born in September, particularly between the 7th and 21st. Math isn’t my strong suit, but if my calculations are correct, given the gestation period, most babies are conceived during the Christmas holidays. We might want to put a warning on egg nog…”is known to increase family size!”.

Come to think of it, our two little ones were both born towards the end of September and both like the folk tune “Auld Lang Syne”!!!! Maybe not a coincidence. has only had one birth announcement since launching in May…now I know why. Though I expect if the statistical trends are correct I may need to order more birth announcement letters and graphics for the coming months.

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