Prospect Bay

My last blog post has inspired me to start a blog series called…

“Adventures in Lawn Cards!”

Today’s post will begin the series, and I will invite you all into my little world of Lawn Card adventures!

Just a few days ago, I had an order in Prospect Bay. I had actually never visited there before, and am always excited to explore a new area of this great province! Unfortunately for my tourist bug, the set up was at night. I winded down all the twists and turns of the dark highway, trusting my GPS and belting out Dixie Chick songs…curious to see where I would end up. As I made the final turn to my destination I could “sense” there was water on my left from the reflections in the distance…and thought to myself “Man, I bet this is pretty during the day.” When I arrived at the house and got out of the car, I can safely say I had never heard that kind of peaceful silence before. I was anticipating some furry friends to show their faces…and had this instant image of Snow White surrounded by all her forest friends – like this!

Snow White.jpg

The set-up went on without any interruptions, and I did in fact see a deer on my way out. Always a beautiful sight.

Returning to Prospect Bay to take down the lawn card delivered a better view. I drove down in the morning, and what I finally got to see was stunning. Picturesque ocean views, vintage sail boats, and all the coastal scenery that I “thought” was there in the night but couldn’t tell for sure. Lol.

Definitely get down to visit Prospect Bay if you can! It’s worth it!

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