My New Employee!

Up until now, most of my lawn card adventures have been solo missions. On the odd occasion, one of my girlfriends would tag along for the ride…and even sometimes my kids join me. But for the most part…it’s just me.

The alone time allows me to SING at any volume I prefer, EAT chocolate without my kids asking for some, and ENJOY the scenery of this beautiful province.

Well…NOW…I have a NEW lawn cards companion to join in on the fun of celebrating these special occasions with all of you!

His name is Lewie…and he is soft, sweet and mostly sleepy at this point in his 10-week existence. Although he doesn’t join me in my singing, and he doesn’t hop out at the lawn card destination to stake the letters with me…he DOES keep me company on my drive, and for that I am so happy!

Check him out!



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