Last Minute Planning

Life is fast. Life is busy. Life is crazy…


With ALL the things we have to do in a day, sometimes it’s hard to be so organized that you’re actually thinking ahead of the 24 hours you’re currently in.

When it comes to a friend’s or loved one’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other special occasion, you’d hope that you’re giving them all the special care and planning that you have to offer…but sometimes that’s not the case. And it’s not your fault! That’s life! You’re human! Busy, busy, busy.

Remember too, that it’s not quantity; it’s quality. You don’t have to throw a HUGE gala to have a successful celebration or to simply put a smile on their face and make them feel special.

Enter US! One of our specialities is fulfilling lawn card greeting orders LAST MINUTE! Twice this week alone, we got requests for lawn cards the night before, and had the lawn cards staked on their lawns early the next morning! If we can make it happen, we will certainly do everything we can do make it a success!

Don’t worry if you’re behind in your planning. A lawn card is a perfect way to put a smile on their face for that special day! Just leave it to us. We’re here for ya. 🙂

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