TODAY is a very special day! Today we are pleased to announce our FIRST “REPEAT” ANNUAL BIRTHDAY LAWN CARD! Straight out of Bedford, NS…not only is this special because this was the very first lawn card we did last year, but it is equally special because they are dear friends of ours who have supported us the whole way!

Sometimes lawn card orders are a way to celebrate one-time special occasions, such as a military person coming home from being at sea…like this “WELCOME HOME” down in Prospect Bay, NS.

Daddy 2.jpg

Or a “HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY”…like this one in Hammonds Plains, NS.


Or a 60th Birthday…like this one in Cole Harbour, NS.


We’re always searching for birthday ideas or birthday gifts that are unique, something that your loved one hasn’t received already. Lawn Cards are your answer because it really WOWS them, puts a smile on your face, and shows them that you were being creative and thoughtful.

We hope your next special occasion will include a LAWN CARD greeting because it’s super easy and makes for an awesome surprise!



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