OK, you guys are gonna love this one. So, these “lawn cards” typically go on grass. The letters/numbers/graphics sit on top of metal stakes, which go into the grass…and voila – your lawn card sits tight!

So we arrived at an order the other night up in Woodside (Dartmouth, NS), and as we pulled into the driveway we saw NO GRASS. Ummm…what do we do?? Sometimes we arrive at a location, and there is very little grass (like very small front yard), but typically we can make do.

However, in this situation we weren’t sure what to do. We almost felt like someone was watching us through a window, waiting to jump out at us and tell us we had been pranked! Like remember the show “You’re on Candid Camera!” No…it was no joke.

So we saw a small strip of what we thought was dirt next to the house. We walked over, and nope – it looked like dirt, but it was really just dirt-covered gravel!

Anyway…to make a long story short, we made it work. But it was another first experience in this fun job, and I’m thinking perhaps we could also call these DIRT CARDS?? 🙂


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