Canadian Maple Leaf Graphic – MISSING!

Yesterday was a special day for us all – CANADA DAY! Becoming a Canadian citizen last year (originally from Boston) was an honour and something I am forever grateful for. That is why I love to wave our flag and share Canada Day greetings on July 1st. So, like last year, I displayed a lawn card greeting at Kearney Lake Plaza in West Bedford for everyone who passed by to enjoy. It read “OH CANADA!” with 2 stars and a Canadian Maple Leaf accenting it.

Oh Canada

To my dismay, I went to retrieve it this morning and discovered my lawn card was moved, the words/letters rearranged, and my Canadian Maple Leaf graphic was missing! Kind of a sacrilegious thing to do, don’t you think? This was shocking, as it’s my first piece that has gone missing.

I am posting this today to ask for the return (no questions asked) of my Canadian Maple Leaf graphic. It is the only one I currently have. It takes money, time, and care to run a small business like mine. It is unfair and certainly not very Canadian to vandalize. We live in a great country, a great province, and a great community, here in Bedford, and I was just shocked that this happened.

Here is a picture of what it looks like. If you happen to spot it anywhere, just let me know and I will come pick it up.

Maple leaf.png

Thank you!

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