Remote Celebrations!

We can all admit these are STRANGE times during COVID. We can’t celebrate our loved ones the way we typically would, and the worst challenge of all is that many of us can’t be NEAR our loved ones during their special occasions…birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, etc.

I got a call the other day from a group of sisters in Ontario who cannot be home in Nova Scotia to celebrate their parents’ birthdays, which just so happen to be 2 days apart. Normally, they would hop on a plane and be surrounded by love with their family. But, obviously in today’s world, that’s just not possible.

Enter LAWN CARDS! They found me all the way in Ontario, and asked if I could help put a smile on their mom and dad’s faces. Sure enough, I could! I was so happy that I had the availability to accommodate their request, and in return they were able to celebrate remotely with their family in a special way.


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