Winter is here (like it or not)…and just as a reminder, our Lawn Cards are a YEAR-ROUND service! So don’t forget those special occasions in the winter months. Celebrate them with a lawn card! 2020 has been a tough year (as we all know), so let’s keep the smiles going by making your special events that much brighter with a surprise like a lawn card! Order today!

They look AWESOME in the snow! See for yourself…!


Handwrittten “Thank You”

So…I just had to share this with you. Last night I did a lawn card for a VERY sweet man. He called me and told me it was the 65th anniversary with his wife. 65 YEARS! Whoa. So, I took his details, scheduled him in, and set out last night to do the install.

He left a note for me in his mailbox. See picture. These are the things that make me smile, and let me know that what I’m doing is bringing a special element to someone’s special occasion. But what a SWEET gesture to leave me a handwritten note. You don’t see too many of those anymore these days.

Anyway…I just had to share with you all. I even had to show my husband when I got home. Made my night.


Not just for home parties!

Lawn Cards are the PERFECT addition to any special occasion! They really POP, and always bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Keep this in mind, though. Lawn cards don’t always have to appear at someone’s house! With the proper permission, we can set these up anywhere you want. Check out these lawn cards that were placed at schools, office buildings, restaurants, churches, special events, campgrounds and other business locations!

Book yours today! It’s super easy, and makes for an awesome surprise!



OK. Special occasions arise: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby announcements, school events.

You think… “What should I get them?” “What will really make them happy?”

Well… look no further! Surprise them with a LAWN CARD and really make them feel special. Wonder how happy these lawn cards can really make them feel? WATCH THIS!