Go Moose Go!

Hockey. Canada’s finest game. Well, that’s our opinion at least.

We are at the beginning of our hockey experience. Our sons are 4 and 6. Our 4-year old just started this year, and our 6-year old…well, we can’t get him OFF the ice! He just absolutely loves the game…and they both work very hard at fine-tuning their skills. Their hopes of being in the NHL someday are already well in their minds due to their peers’ similar ambitions, spectacular games on TV (sometimes better than LEGO or Toy Story movies!), the cool hockey cards they can get at the dollar store, and many other factors that appeal to kids. And the sheer love of skating and learning the sport of hockey is so naturally embraced…even at this young age.

But most importantly, they look up to their hockey star idols as role models…as they want to be just like them someday. They want to score. They want to pass. They want to show off their “celly”. They want to hold the Stanley Cup.

One local Halifax Mooseheads star we’re sure started with the same ambitions. And this weekend all of his hard work has paid off, and his childhood dreams we’re sure came true just a little bit more! Sam Asselin, #72 of the Halifax Mooseheads, achieved 48 goals, naming him #1 in the QMJHL!!! His billet family here in Dartmouth ordered a lawn card from us to celebrate this very special achievement, as – rightfully so – they were SO PROUD OF HIM! These special occasions should not go unnoticed, and that’s why we feel grateful to add just a little special touch to keep that smile going on everyone’s face.

Sam 2

GO MOOSE GO! CONGRATULATIONS SAM! We know for sure our sons think you’re pretty cool. 🙂


Different Occasions

Each order I receive in turn provides me with a new experience…someone new to meet, a new place to travel to, a new special occasion to be part of. While birthdays are the most popular event for, this weekend’s “birthday” set-up was something different…and a little spark went off in my head that said “you should tell your clients about this one.”


This weekend’s customer ordered a lawn card for one of HER client’s birthday! So we often think…”what occasion is coming up for my friend or family member that I could get a lawn card for?” Well this person thought outside the box! She ordered a lawn card as a way to honour a great client of hers and make them feel special on their birthday. What a great idea!

And it doesn’t have to stop there! Remember, that these lawn cards can represent any occasion you want! Here are some other examples beyond birthdays:







Business and Sales:


Each occasion is unique and exciting. Thanks for letting me be a small part of them! 🙂


Making Children’s Birthday Parties Easy and Stress-Free!

birthday-1835443_1920.jpgLet’s face it… throwing a kid’s birthday party can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. With our two kids I have learned a few things about making it as stress-free as it can be. Here is what I do to keep it fun and easy!

– Guest List: It starts with the right guest list. Try to keep it small, with people who generally know each other…and do invite parents.

– Invitations: Use an evite to have guests RSVP in advance. This gives you an idea of the number of kids and adults to plan for.

– Theme: Have a theme but keep it simple. Forget `Game of Thrones` and think sports, favorite costume, or a princess theme. It sets the right tone and kids love dressing up.

– Decorations: For decorations the Dollar Store is your best friend. It is cheap with lots of decorating options. This includes all disposable paper plates, serviettes, plastic cups, and cutlery, as well as garbage bags. This makes clean up super easy.

– Drinks: Have wine, beer and alcohol unhand for parents (if you’re at a venue other than your private home, check to see that this is allowed). This always keeps parents happy. For kids and non-drinking parents have an assortment of individual juice boxes, milk, and water available.

– Snacks: Serve healthy kid-friendly finger foods like carrots and strawberries.

– Food: Have pizza delivered. Period.

– Desserts: As far as kids’ desserts go nothing is mess free, so go with something easy to serve that doesn’t drip like cupcakes. And there’s no shame in just buying them.

– Activities: Keep them simple. Organize activities like a piñata, face painting, and reading time if they are really young. But have a small play area with toys set up for those kids who prefer to play alone.

– Grab Bags: Have grab bags for each child and give it to them on their way out the door. Once again, the Dollar Store is great for buying things to stuff in grab bags. Avoid the slime though. No parent is ever happy to see that included.

– Delegate: Don’t try to do everything yourself. Since you are inviting parents and feeding them alcohol, have them earn it. Delegate tasks amongst the parents. Do this prior to the party. Find parents to:

  • Take photographs (x 2 parents). Give them internet access so they can easily share the photos.
  • Organize activities.
  • Keep an eye over the kids and help any in need.
  • Serve food.
  • Clean up.

Most importantly, don’t forget the lawn card signage for the party!

Blog Movie!

I have put together this video to showcase some of my awesome clients who have used to celebrate some of their special occasions! Check it out, share it with your friends or family who may be interested, and contact me here to place an order! Birthdays, anniversaries, baby announcements, wedding announcements, welcome home, etc…it’s super easy, and makes for an awesome surprise!


Graduation Signs?

Since it was just grad week for most high schools, I was going to write a piece about the significance of high school graduation, what it means to us, and how it is a permanent life-marker we often refer to – beginning our independence from the safety net of our parents/guardians. But that all changed when my family and I went to Pictou this past weekend.

Upon arriving in Pictou (this amazing, quaint and historical seaside town on the North Cumberland Straits), I came across this adorable sign.

PA signs.jpg

Someone or a group, presumably from Pictou Academy, took the time to make these signs and put them up where others would see them. It was thoughtful, personal, and meaningful…three reasons it reminded of my lawn card business. I just loved seeing it! It validated why I do what I do…to put a smile on people’s faces.

That evening we were all taking my niece and her boyfriend, both new PA grads, out for a celebratory dinner at the Pictou Lodge and in the spirit of making people smile, I pulled out some letters and graphics and strategically placed them just outside our dining area to tell these new grads we love them and are so very proud of their accomplishments.