Greeting cards for your lawn!

Welcome to LawnCards.ca. We are Canada’s *ORIGINAL* and unique way of delivering a special occasion greeting to your friends and family. Servicing the greater Halifax area, we deliver the lawn card greeting right to your front yard and BOOM — your surprise is there for everyone to see. Short notice orders gladly accepted (if availability allows).

*Locations serviced in the HRM are at the sole discretion of LawnCards.ca.

*Please also note:  If at the time of set-up the winds are 35 km/hr or higher, we reserve the right to cancel this order last minute if necessary. We don’t put these up in high winds as they can get lost or broken, and also because they just won’t look good. Decisions about weather are also at the sole discretion of LawnCards.ca. In the case of a cancelled order, a full refund will me made.

To contact us today…simply fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP, or call us at #902-718-7789.


Kate Ruiz   |   kate@lawncards.ca |   #902-718-7789